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Wild Fish Oils of Norway

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What it is:

Our Wild Fish Oils of Norway contain 1000mg, of which 18% EPA and 12% DHA fatty acids. And is the natural fish oil that comes from fish without being processed.

Who its for:

All ages can benefit from the amazing properies of our natural Fish Oils. The fact that our fish oil is free of heavy metals and sea pollutants like PCB is just the beginning. Fish oil has been proved to reduce inflammation, improve ADHD, lift depression as well as aid in the strengthening of cell membranes.

More details

Fish Oil (DHA & EPA)

"*Membranes cell structure *Fish oils / Omega-3 oils from fish / EPA and DHA may help to control / regulate blood lipids / lipid profile Fish oils / Omega-3 oils from fish / EPA and DHA help support a healthy heart *help manage anti-inflammatory responses. *Helps maintain joint mobility and flexibility. Helps diminish morning stiffness in joints. *maintenance of normal LDL-cholesterol concentrations"

Polyunsaturated Fatty acids

* Help maintain healthy, flexible, mobile and supple joints


Can help in the relief in case of irritation in the upper respiratory tract

Vitamin E (as d-α-Tocopherols)

contributes as a fat-soluble antioxidant


Gelatin "*Maintenance of normal structure and appearance of hair and nails *Maintenance of structure and elasticity of the skin"

Take 1- 2 capsules per day, anytime during the day. And keep in a dry, cold place.

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