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Kids Calm & Focus

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What it is:

A balanced ratio of B vitamins to support the health of the nervous system of children.

What its for:

This vitamin helps to calm nerves and supports in the calming of hyper children. Bacopa and L Theanine to promote alertness and mental clarity and to support learning and focus. Zinc helps support the immune system and fills in the nutritional gaps in a childs diet. GTF Chromium helps maintain blood sugar levels.

More details

Vitamin B1

*Maintenance of bone, hair,nails,skin and teeth *Contributes to energy and vitality

Vitamin B2

"*contribution to normal psychological functions *Maintenance of normal function of the nervous system *maintenance of normal bone, hair, nails, skin, mucous membranes and teeth and vision *Maintenance of red blood cells *Protection of DNA, proteins & lipids from oxidative damage *Helps in the reduction of tireness and fatigue"

Vitamin B-6

"*Contributs to to normal cysteine synthesis, metabolism, function of the nervous system, normal protein and glycogen metabolism *Contributes also to psychological functions, red blood cell formation, immune system, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue * Regulation of hormonal activity"

Folate (from broccoli)

*contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, 
*Contributes to normal blood formation, 
* to homocystein metabolism 
*to support of psychological functions, 
*helps immune system 
*Reduction of tireness and fatigue, 
*Folate has a role in cell division

Vitamin B-12

*Normal energy yielding metabolism, 
*Normal function of the nervous system, 
*Psycological functions, 
*Immune system, 
*Reduction of Tireness & Fatigue

Biotin (from organic brown rice)

*Ensures normal functioning of the body’s organ tissues and systems, particularly in old age - Stimulates physical work capacities - Recommended in case of intense fatigue and during recovery *Necessary for healthy teeth, bones, hair, skin and nails *Necessary to maintain energy and general vitality *Contributes to: normal functioning of the nervous system,metabolism, psychological function,maintenance of normal hair, mucous membranes and skin

Pantothenic Acid

Used in the synthesis of coenzyme A

Chromium (GTF)

chromium acts as a cofactor in the action of insulin


"*contribution to normal formation of collagen and connective tissue,elasticity of the skin *contribution to normal formation of hair and nails, maintenance of normal bone *Contribution to normal cognitive function *Maintenance of normal neurological function "


Contributes to DNA synthesis and cell division, *normal carbohydrate metabolism, congnitive function, *Contributes to fertility & reproduction, *normal macronutrient metabolism and metabolism of fatty acids, protein sythesis. *Matience of bones, hair, nails, and skin, *Vitamin A metabolism, *Maitenance of vision, *Supports the immune system, *Helps for the protection of cells from oxidative stress


Herb that helps to improve mental functioning, including comprehension, memory, and recollection

Lemon Balm Extract

Herb that helps to promote calmness


"*Helps to support relaxation *Alleviation of psychological stress *improvement of cognitive function"

Children ages 4 and older take 1 mini tablet daily. May be taken anytime throughout the day, even on an empty stomach.

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