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Active Men - One Daily

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What it is:

Studies have shown that almost 90% of men are nutrient deficient. Good nutritional support for a healthy stress response and is essential for strength, vitality and overall well-being. 

Who its for:

For Active Men that would like to promote their optimum health and well being.

More details

Vitamin A (from carrots)

"Contributes to metabolism of iron, the maintenance of normal mucous membranes, skin, vision, normal function of the immune system *Vitamin A has a role in the process of cell specialisation "

Vitamin C (from oranges)

*helps maintain immune function 
*Contributes to Collegen formulation of -blood vessels, bones, cartilage, gumes, skin, teeth
*Energy -yielding metabolism,
*Contributes to Psychological functions
*Immune System
*Protection of DNA 
*Reduces tireness & Fatigue 
*Increases Iron Absorption

Vitamin C (from oranges)

*Aids in the absorption of calcium,
*important role in cardiovascular functions & supports healthy inflammatory response.

Vitamin E (from organic brown rice)

*Necessary for healthy teeth, bones, hair, skin and nails 
*Necessary to maintain energy and general vitality 
*Can neutralise free radicals and help maintain a healthy heart, Due to Vitamin E favourable effects on free radicals it could support reducing the age related cognitive decline. Helps memory and perception retention, especially in the elderly.Maintenance of normal vision by protection of the lens of the eye 
*Regeneration of vitamin C, maintenance of the normal function of the immune system-Vitamin E is an antioxidant that protects the body's cells. 
*maintenance of normal blood circulation. Aids in the protection of DNA, proteins, lipids from oxidative damange.

Vitamin K

*supports a healthy heart and stimulates blood clotting,
*Functions of the heart & blood vessels

Thiamine (B-1)

*Energy-yielding metabolism, 
*Supports functions of the nervious system and psychological functions, 
*Contributes to the normal function of the heart

Riboflavin (B-2)

*energy-yielding metabolism 
*contributes to normal functions of the nervous system, 
*contributes to the maitenance of normal mucous membranes, 
*maintenance of red blood cells, vision and metabolism of iron, 
*protection of DNA, proteins, lipids from oxidative stress, 
*reduction of tireness & fatigue, 
*Needed/important for the mental function and performance


Contributes to anti-inflammatory system

Vitamin B-6

*Contributs to to normal cysteine synthesis, metabolism, function of the nervous system, normal protein and glycogen metabolism 
*Contributes also to psychological functions, red blood cell formation, immune system, the reduction of tiredness and fatigue 
* Regulation of hormonal activity

Folate (from brocoli)

*contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy, 
*Contributes to normal blood formation, 
* to homocystein metabolism 
*to support of psychological functions, 
*helps immune system 
*Reduction of tireness and fatigue, 
*Folate has a role in cell division

Vitamin B-12

*Normal energy yielding metabolism, 
*Normal function of the nervous system, 
*Psycological functions, 
*Immune system, 
*Reduction of Tireness & Fatigue


*Along with magnesium essential for mental functions & performance (e.g. learning, concentration, memory, reasoning), 
*supports blood coagulation, 
* energy yielding, 
*muscle function, 
*contributes to normal digestive enzymes, 
*helps manage weight and weight control, 
*maintance of normal blood pressure


*Contributes to normal cognitive and neurological function, maintenance of skin, helps in energy-yielding metabolism 
*Contributes to the normal production of thyroid hormones and thyroid functions Iodine is important for visual function and eye moisture and may contribute to preserve healthy hair, nails and skin.


*Maintenance of normal blood pressure, *maintenance of normal fat metabolism, *regulates blood pressure during pregnancy, *helps the normal course of pregnancy & delivery, *maintenance of hormonal health, *has antioxidant properties, * it prolongs the aging process, * healthy immune system, *Resistance to mental stress, *regulates sugar balance, *energy yielding, *contributes to normal functioning of the nervious system, *maintance of teeth, bones and cell division


Contributes to DNA synthesis and cell division, *normal carbohydrate metabolism, congnitive function, *Contributes to fertility & reproduction, *normal macronutrient metabolism and metabolism of fatty acids, protein sythesis. *Matience of bones, hair, nails, and skin, *Vitamin A metabolism, *Maitenance of vision, *Supports the immune system, *Helps for the protection of cells from oxidative stress


*Contributes to normal spermatogenesis, Maitenance of nails Maitenance of the normal function of the immune system, thyroid function Aids in the protection of cells from oxidative stress.


*Contributes to cholesterol and glucose metabolism, 
*Reduction of tiredness and fatigue 
*Maitenance of connective tissue and energy-yielding metabolism 
*Contributes to the normal function of the nervous system, immune system, hair pigmentation, iron transport in the body 
Protection of DNA, proteins and lipids from oxidative damage


*Reduction of tireness & fatigue, *important for brain function, *protects the brain, *Energy yielding, *Contributes to normal function of connetive tissue, *Protection of cells from oxidative stress

Chromium (GTF)

chromium acts as a cofactor in the action of insulin


Molybdenum concentrations affect protein synthesis, metabolism and growth


Potassium is an electrolyte, which helps to conduct electrical charges in the body, helps blood pressure controls

To take 1 tablet daily and can be taken anytime during the day, even on an empty stomach.

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